Leading Characters

Lyvanus: An Elven Ranger with the blood of the Ancient lost Eladrin.

Charlotte: A Tiefling Warlock struggling to accept her identity and power.

Alexia: “Twin” Human sister to Charlotte. A Patient and loving Paladin.

Evan: A Human Warlord. Tactical genius.

Berend: A Dwarven refugee. Fighter.

Supporting Characters

The Spirit Wolf: A Mysterious wolf from the Feywild.

Lya: Childhood friend of Lyvanus.

Bonnie: Younger sister of Evan. Fourteen years old.

Rill: A Boy that is “sweet” on Charlotte. Twelve years old.

Tia: The Baker’s Daughter.

Silva: The Mayor’s Daughter.

The Roosters: Livestock Charlotte accidentally “sacrificed” when she got frustrated.

Valora: The girl that carried the heroes to Haven’s Past.

Mason: Evan and Bonnie’s Father. The Sheriff of Haven.

Minor Characters

Wellard: A Half-Elf who lived in the village among the Humans.

Taran: Tia’s older brother. A bully.

Elessa and Naydine: Girls that are rescued in ancient Haven.



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